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"Music is a world within itself, it is a language we all understand" - Stevie Wonder

Enchanting & Inspirational 


Hi, I am Raoul Gasser. Thirty-three years ago I was born in a small country called Switzerland. Growing up in such a safe and beautiful environment without any concerns, that's the dream, you might think. Well, Let me tell you my story:


I had always that special energy within me, yes these days they call it ADHD. However, my parents, and especially I knew how we could overcome this problem. It was music. I was 4 when I discovered the magical use of headphones, and dove into its imaginary dream world quite often. Until that big wooden furniture with lots of black and white buttons where I can create my own music from there on inspired me. Ever since then the piano/music gives me a place where I can relax and discover more of my hidden creativity.

Music could be the key for people to shut down from reality, or awaken special feelings, or bring almost forgotten good memories back. I knew that from a very young age on and always wanted to create this imaginary world that immerses you with the power of music.


Lets go back to my teenage times. I always was a little rebel, against my teachers, against my parents, against friends. Until, I made a special acquaintance with Matthias. He and couple other good friends started a Hip Hop crew. He was rapping, I was not, but was instead involved in producing beats. We would travel throughout Switzerland from rap battle to rap battle. I mainly used Logic on Windows, to draft my beats. Ever since then I knew music can change not just me, but I can infect others with it as well.

I needed a game plan. I wanted to study music but I was more intrigued by the technology side of music. I was helping out on some live concerts watching the engineer mixing, the set up of the whole band etc. I just wanted to know more about acoustics, and its behavior. How to capture sound, how to manipulate sound etc. all those things started to become very important to me. 


I made a decision two years ago to pack my stuff, leave my country and start my journey for music at Full Sail University in Florida. Since then I’ve captured sound with my Zoom H4 all the time. Worked on school projects, and lots of projects aside from school. I enjoy being around musicians, engineers, producers, innovators, etc. it makes me feel I am a part of a great welcoming society. 



Professional Summary

Experienced audio production professional, Bachelor Degree in Recording Arts with focus in tracking and mixing/mastering. Established skills in Pro Tools and Logic with a background of producing. Talented pianist for 18 years. Manage time effectively to meet deadlines.


Full Sail University (Winter Park, FL, October 2016)

Bachelor of Science in Recording Arts


· Pro Tools 11 101 110 201

· Wwise 101

· Dante Level 1 2


Academic Experience

Session Recordings – Full Sail University

· Selecting talent, contract with the artist, record performer in the studio,   rearrange song structure and produce the music to include adding           sound for a whole band

· Mixing the song utilizing automation and effects

Mixing Techniques – Full Sail University

· Pro Tools session set up;  organizing, labeling, color coding gain             Staging

· Mixing techniques, Parallel Compression, Delay throw, Haas effect,       Rear Bus, etc.

· Using external gear for time-based or dynamic processing.

Industry Experience

Auviso AG (Emmenbrücke, LU, Sep 2021-Present)

Stuber Transoporte AG (Rotkreuz, ZG, Nov 2020- Aug 2021


Alfacam AG (Goldau, SZ, Mai 2018-Sep 2020)

Audio Engineer

 · Responsible for setting up PA for small and larger events

 · Running FOH for concerts and Industry jobs

 · Responsible for warehouse duties such as packing, organizing,            loading trucks

 · Constructing AV racks for audio and visual usage

Stuber Transoporte AG (Rotkreuz, ZG, November 2017-August 2018


Elite Production (New York, NY, March 2017-September 2017)


 · Load in and out of audio and visual equipment

 · Setting up PA, microphones, consoles

Venue 578 (Orlando, FL, Oktober 2016-February 2017)


· Preparing venue for live music performance

· Troubleshooting on site

· Ensuring performers are taken care of while on venue


· Knowledge in configuration and operation of Studio consoles like SSL Duality, 9000J, and AW5900, the Amek 9098i, and API Vision as well as Live consoles     such as the Yamaha QL and CL lines, Midas M32

· Practiced in operating Logic Pro X, Audacity, Melodyne, Izotope RX5

· Proficient in Microsoft Office including PowerPoint, Word and Excel

· Understanding of Signal Flow

· Skilled in soldering and welding understanding of schematics

· Fluent in German


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Raoul Gasser

Bahnhofstrasse 4

6275 Ballwil


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